Volunteer Wish List

Not all volunteers work in the kitchen.  It takes many hands to carry out our mission.  If you have some time and/or a skill, we would like to hear from you. Click here for ways that you can contact us.   Here are samples of where you could help:

  • If you have a pickup truck, you could be a regular or substitute driver who picks up produce or other foods product from our major donors.  The pickup days vary.
  • We could use volunteers to drive our van to pick up food and relieve our current drivers.
  • Volunteer to work with our event coordinator.
  • If you have a trade, skill or are just handy and can repair things, we probably can use you at times.
  • If you have computer skills, you could help with this web site, our Newsletter, create mailing lists or manipulating data that we take for various studies.
  • There are always things to do in our stockroom.  Incoming food needs to be stacked and older food needs to be rotated.  Freezers need to be organized.
  • Excess incoming produce needs to be distributed to our guests at the kitchen.  Also there are some donated foods that are given away, such as cereals and cake mixes.
  • Volunteers are needed to assemble hygiene kits.
  • Volunteers to work on the Quarterly Cleaning Committee
  • Persons with financial experience.
  • A person with grant writing skills.




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