Other Supporters

Matchan has many friends who donate their time or various items that we can use or pass on to those who come to eat.  Some give on a regular basis and other give once in a while or when they come across something we can use.

Here are some examples.  Maybe you can think of something that you come across and think that we may be able to use or pass on to someone that can use it.  It could be something at work,  at church or at a club to which you belong.  You could donate your time or a skill. Is your group looking to get involved in a charitable work?  Do you want to create a new group?  Do you have a trade or are you handy?

  • St. Daniel Parish in Clarkston has a rotating group that volunteers in the kitchen
  • St. Anastasia Parish in Troy  donates warming blanket each winter.
  • A person from St. Owen Parish in Bloomfield Hills buys boxed clothing (returns, etc.) from Meijers and donates them.
  • A Boy Scout assembled hygiene kits and handed them out at Matchan as his Eagle Scout Project.
  • At one time, we received bicycles from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Askar Brands collects winter coats for Matchan
  • Casey Askar brings his employees, friends and relatives to Matchan to put on a special Christmas Season Dinner.
  • Nina Morgan brings a group of 10 to 15 women together at Troy Assembly of God Church in Troy to make sleeping bags.  She is in her 90’s.
  • Mike Yaworski of Baypoint Plumbing donate his time.
  • Bill Olsen of — donated his time when our freezer shut down.
  • 9 year old Courtney Hess asked for gloves and scarfs for the homeless instead of birthday gifts.
  • A man saves money from the scrap in his business.  At Thanksgiving he donated 82 turkeys and all the trimmings.

There are all kinds of ways that you can help.
Think about it!
Think about the difference you can make!



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