Social Needs

Donald and Christine

Donald and Christine

Donald Morris is a wonderful, kind-hearted man, who lives with his 94 year old mother and a brother.  He requires special needs and receives services from Community Living Services in Oakland County (CLS/OC).  It helps when he can meet and socialize with other volunteers at Matchan.

Donald enjoys volunteering at Matchan.  Christine Baldwin, LBSW, an Independent Support Coordinator, brings him to the kitchen every Tuesday where they both work separating and packaging the incoming produce and bakery goods in small quantities so it can be given away to the people who come to eat. After the people eat, they can get in line and select the food that they want to take home.

Outside of Matchan, he and his mother love to read. Donald recently started a Book Club at Community Living Services.

We are pleased to have Donald and Christine join us on Tuesdays to serve the people that come to Matchan.


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