Volunteers are the backbone of our organization.  Matchan is able to operate because of its crew of over 80 volunteers who assist in preparing the meals 52 weeks a year. Matchan’s success over the years has been attributed to this strong volunteer base. A longtime  volunteer once stated that “Once you join Matchan, you don’t want to leave.” The volunteers who make these meals possible have an enjoyable and fun time doing what is necessary to help provide our Oakland County neighbors with great meals. In fact, many new friendships have been formed while “working” at Matchan.

Kitchen Workers     P1020392

We have about 86 regular volunteers.  A few work in the kitchen every day we are open.  Others will work one day a week or once a month.  Click here to see one of our teams. From time to time, we will post others.  Each day has a different team.



The volunteers who pick up food from our donors often are on the road 5 to 6 days a week, sometimes seven days in the summer when produce is available from Costco or Farm Boy.  Our van covered over 5600 miles this year.  Vendors depend on us and we have to be there when needed. P1020456c

If you have pickup truck, we could use your help on one or more days a week or on a substitute basis when someone is on vacation or sick.

Special Volunteers

There are probably over 100 other volunteers that come from companies, schools or organizations throughout the year.

Over 50 volunteers come in only on Thanksgiving Day or the day before to prep.  Many bring their families on Thanksgiving Day.

This year we also had some newcomers on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

For the 7th year in a row, Casey Askar, Chairman of Askar Brands, provided a delicious hot meal of pizza, Mr. Pita rolled sandwiches, hot soup, ice cream, salads and Pepsi beverages.  Over 30 of his friends, family and employees volunteered.


 Volunteer Coordinator

IMG_1018crJoe Puhy is our Volunteer Coordinator. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, call him at 586-530-6568 or email him at matchan.svdp@gmail.com. Let him know if there is a special area that you think you can help.  Joe does the scheduling and knows where we can use you.





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